E-commerce Development

WebPromotions Internet Services Inc. has worked with many payment gateways over the past 10+ years. We have compiled a list below of our highly recommended payment gateways. These credit card and Interac payment processors have shown excellent business and security practices over the years and are extremely helpful when integrating your website with their payment systems.


Some of our customers prefer to have their credit card and Interac payment gateway within arms reach. This is why we recommend InternetSecure to customers based in the GTA. InternetSecure offers payment processing from your website and from their "eTerminal" website. Customers with a smaller footprint may consider InternetSecure a better fit for their businesses over Beanstream Internet Commerce Corp., although InternetSecure does have some limiting factors.

2CheckOut (2CO)

Customers that wish to avoid a monthly account maintenance fee, 2Checkout is a perfect solution. 2Checkout has been in the business of credit card processing since 2000 and made a name for itself by not charging monthly fees. This credit card processor is an excellent solution for customers not wanting any monthly charges. However, be prepared for a higher percentage on transaction and processing fees.


The world’s most popular payment processor is PayPal. PayPal has been such a success that the largest auction website eBay had to purchase them to process its transactions through. If a large entity like eBay can trust them, why can’t you? Business owners should be advised that PayPal does sometimes come with a stigma as one of the cheapest credit card processors in the industry. As such, potential customers may not trust your business compared to those using paid services such as Beanstream or InternetSecure.