Web Design & Development

Our website design and development team can produce an extensive array of websites to meet and even exceed your expectations. We can work within your budget and timeline to achieve your goals. Our web development team can program in HTML, XHTML, JavaScript, CSS, DHTML, VBScript, ASP,, PHP, CGI, SSI, PERL, AJAX and JQuery to name a few. If you’re looking for a database driven website, we can produce simple websites using Access or more complex websites using Microsoft SQL or MySQL. If you want to maintain and update your website content, pictures, quantity, prices or any portion of the website yourself, we can achieve that too. We can develop a fully customizable Content Management System (CMS) that meets your needs.

Website Maintenance

Do you have a website that needs updating but your webmaster or IT company can’t be found or can’t handle the workload? We are always here to help. Over the years, we’ve heard of many horror stories, where webmasters go on vacation or are too busy to handle their workload when websites need to be updated and maintained. Our company is here to help; we can step in when your regular website maintenance people are unavailable or can’t be found. We can also take control of a website if your website designer or developer becomes disgruntle or vanishes.

E-Commerce Development

Websites come in many shapes and sizes from a simple five page brochure website to a full wholesale/retail website with over five thousand products. We can enable every type of website to become e-commerce ready and make it a pleasant online buying experience for your customers. Over the years, we have worked with many online credit card processors and each processor has its own way of doing things. We have reviewed our extensive list of credit card processors and recommend only what we view as complying with best business and security practices. Please see our list of recommended credit card and Interac payment processors.

On-line and Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing is the way of the future - forget the old outdated radio, television and newspapers advertising.  Many business sink thousand of dollars in to these outdated advertising methods knowing well in advance they will be loosing their investment in return for a handful of new customers - if that. At WebPromotions Internet Services Inc, we will harness the power of Internet Marketing in the forms of group deals such as Groupon and WagJag and social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest and many other social media avenues.  Even if you've just started your business today and have no customers or sales, we can make an impact and drive potential customers your way.

Website Automation

We know business owners are busy people and want to automate as many tasks as possible. Our team of website designers and developers can automate your website or portions of your website to reduce your manual input and speed up your daily tasks. When a customer makes a purchase from your website, you typically check the status of the payment, process the order and confirm shipping address. Why not automate this task? This is where we step-in, we can automate your business to run faster and smoother.

Search Engine Services

WebPromotions Internet Services Inc. has partnered with the Google’s Engage program, as such we are always updating our search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) skills. If you have a website that isn’t performing to your expectations, it could be that your potential customers can’t find your website online. Let our search engine team review and analyze your website to produce higher search engine results. A small investment in search engine optimization will save you thousands in marketing.

Backup & Security Solutions

WebPromotions Internet Services Inc. takes backup and security very seriously as you should too. Many individuals and businesses have relied on third-party “cloud” services such as Google, Amazon, Picasa and many others to maintain backups of their taxes, accounting, web sites, personal data and photos. We are not suggesting that these aren't backup solutions but they are not ones you should completely rely on. Everyone should maintain a backup on-site and off-site and both should be fully redundant to ensure that if a part fails the backup can still be completed successfully. We have seen many businesses lose orders, tax records and business contact lists simply because they rely on USB drives or external hard drives. These types of solutions are not redundant and they do not store your data for long term. Let us review your backup strategy and disaster recovery to better prepare you for any event.

PC Repair & Troubleshooting

Many individuals and businesses rely on their technology to work in order to complete daily tasks. Unfortunately, when computers and other technology simply stop working or crash all the time, little to no work gets completed. This is where WebPromotions Internet Services comes in and saves the day. With our over 20 years of experience as OEM system builders and working directly with manufacturers as channel distributors, we will solve your technology difficulties. Our team of technical support staff and system engineers can repair and troubleshoot your technology issues on-site at your home or office or off-site if you prefer to come to our office. Our staff is available both during the week and weekends within the GTA.

Cable & DSL Internet Access

WebPromotions Internet Services Inc. is an authorized Agent of TekSavvy Solutions Inc. We are authorized to sell TekSavvy services under our service offerings – beware of unauthorized TekSavvy agents which refer customers for monthly ISP discounts. We do not markup TekSavvy prices what-so-ever and pass on the savings directly to our customers. TekSavvy is a member of Toronto Internet Exchange Community (TorIX) which allows our web hosting customers faster access and speed to our servers.