Computer Systems

WebPromotions Internet Services Inc. has been an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) system builder for over eight years. We can build for you any desktop, laptop or server to your specifications. We always use quality parts and can work within your budget. We can assemble a server or desktop system within mere hours and complete a full "burn-in" benchmark process to ensure all parts are reliable. For customers that prefer the DELL brand name, we are an authorized reseller and registered DELL Canada PartnerDirect.

Computer Parts

We know that over time computer parts sometimes fail and other times require upgrades and overhauls. If you are searching for a computer component that is hard to find or need to have something replaced in your computer, we are here to help. As an OEM channel distributor and OEM system builder, we have access to many leading computer component manufacturers such as Intel, AMD, Microsoft and Seagate to name a few. We stand behind every product we sell and if you are not sure how to install a component we can install it for you too.

Networking Products

At WebPromotions Internet Services Inc., we love networking at any level from the home users to SMB to enterprise or corporate networks.  We not only sell networking equipment such as routers, switches, Ethernet cables, firewalls, access points and many more; but we can also provide you with consulting on how to install them.  We are partners with D-Link and NETGEAR; and sell both Linksys and Cisco networking products.

VoIP (Voice over IP) Equipment

There are many companies that provide VOIP service; but few supply the equipment which makes the service expandable or compatible for multiple users such as in an office environment or working at home.  We sell quality VOIP equipment such as telephone handsets, softphone USB adapters, telephone gateways and many more from manufacturers such as NETGEAR, D-Link, snom, Linksys and Cisco. 

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