The links below will allow customers to self-manage their email, billing and services with WebPromotions Internet Services Inc. Some customers prefer one central login interface where they can manage all their services all in one place. But on the other hand, we look at our multiple login panels as a layer of security. In cases where a customer may have a disgruntle employee who has access to one or more panel logins, he or she would not be able to compromise the entire account. In other cases, customers may assign billing tasks to specific employees but prefer them not to have access to the entire account, having separate panel logins are a perfect solution.

We highly recommend customers to use different login passwords for each of the panel login systems.

WebMail Interface

The WebMail interface is completely unbranded and features many useful tools already integrated and ready for use immediately without any need to configure or set up. Some of these features include a calendar and appointment scheduler, collaboration tools, file sharing and chat interface already built-in.

Control Panel

The Control Panel allows customers to manage their services with us. The Control Panel gives customers the ability to control their own web services such as FTP users, email accounts and aliases/forwarders, DNS records, databases and its users, schedule tasks, file management, create peer accounts and many more.

Domain Panel

The Domain Panel allows customers to manage their domain names that they have registered through our company. Customers will have the ability to change Registrant, Administrative, Billing and Technical contacts for their domain names. The Domain Panel also allows customers to lock and unlock their domain name, retrieve their AUTH/EPP codes and manage URL forwarding.

Billing Panel

The Billing Panel gives customers the ability to review and print their invoices from WebPromotions Internet Services Inc. We have made a commitment to be a green company and as such, only send customers invoices via email in PDF and HTML format. Customers can log in to the Billing Panel at any time to review and print their invoices for accounting and tax proposes.

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