Email Software Settings

WebMail (SmarterMail) in Web Browser

  • SmarterMail is a WebMail interface which doesn't require any software to be installed on your computer, tablet or smartphone. To use the mobile version of WebMail, click "Switch to the mobile interface". You can find instructions on how to use the mobile version here. SmarterMail should not be used as your primary method of checking your email messages. SmarterMail is recommended when you're away from your home/office computer, such as when you're on vacation or on a public computer.
  • To log in to your SmarterMail visit Enter your complete Email address, password select your preferred language (if no language is selected, English will be the default language) and click the Login button.
  • When you first log into SmarterMail you will need to set your time zone, country, and postal code (optional). Your time zone and country information is used by SmarterMail to determine the correct time for your location. Once you've set this information click the Finish button.
  • The setup is now complete. You should be presented with the SmarterMail home page.
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