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WebMail (SmarterMail) on Mobile Devices

  • SmarterMail is a WebMail interface that is used for a convenient tool to organize your day-to-day activities, keeping organized and sending and receiving email messages. WebMail for mobile devices (Smartphones and Tablets) is useful when you’re away from you're on the go or away from your desktop computer.
  • To log in to the Mobile version of WebMail, visit Click the “switch to mobile interface” link. Enter your complete Email address and Password then select your preferred language (English is the default language). You can switch on/off the Remember me option which will automatically remember your username for future use. Once finished, click the Login button to access your account.
  • Now that you are logged in, you will have an assortment of different options. To access your mail, click the Mailbox.
  • There you will have a list of choices; Inbox for your received emails, Deleted Items for your deleted emails, Junk E-mail for messages that are likely spam or bulk mail and Sent Items for your sent emails from WebMail.
  • When composing your email you can click the “+” symbol on the top right of your screen. This will open your compose window where you can begin typing your message. Once you are ready you to send the message, click the send button in the top right corner of the screen. Once you’ve sent the message, you will be returned to your Inbox.
  • To reply, reply to all, forward, move or delete a message received, click the message. Then click the options icon in the upper right corner to display the actions window.
  • If you click the reply, reply to all or forward button, you will be a similar screen as shown below.
  • To flag a message as Unread, Follow-up or Spam, click the star icon on the upper right corner. Once clicked, you will see the Flags window as shown below.
  • To logout of WebMail, click the Home icon in the upper left corner and click the Logout button
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