Email Software Settings

General Email Software Settings

At WebPromotions Internet Services Inc., we're always trying to improve our services, customer service and technical support.  We have a wide range of customers with different method of checking their email accounts via a browser, email software, tablet and mobile phones.  We have made efforts to include in our email software setup tutorials to include all the most popular email software on the market.  That being said, it's impossible to account for all email software packages, tablets, cell phones, etc., as such we have provided below a detailed list of the settings needed for any email software or device configuration.  If you have any questions about the settings, please feel free to contact our support department.


Incoming mail server (POP3 or IMAP): 
Incoming POP3 server port number: 995
Incoming IMAP server port number: 993

Outgoing mail server (SMTP):
Outgoing server requires secure connection (SSL): No
Outgoing server port number: 587 
Outgoing server requires authentication: Yes 
Authentication type: Password or Clear text authentication

User name: Your e-mail address (such as
Password: Your e-mail account password

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